Swing a little more, little more, o'er the merry-o

Dec 9, 2006 • Karen

Woo! "Devil's Dance Floor" by Flogging Molly just came on at the højskole party downstairs. Huh.

Then I thought, Denmark *is* closer to Ireland than the US is. But Flogging Molly's an American band anyway...

The vast majority of the music they play at the parties is American hits: "Don't Touch This," "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These)," etc. Some British, too. I've heard more songs in Danish over the loudspeakers in the Strøget McDonald's (3-4) than I have at a højskole party (0).

Meanwhile, two of the højskolers are helping Corbin install µTorrent in the common room. Perhaps the song "Salty Dog" would be a better accompaniment as Corbin joins the Wonderful World of Piracy... :)

Back to work.