Leaving on a jet plane

Apr 24, 2006 • Karen

I am a window seat kind of girl. I love watching the sky and clouds and land go by the plane, trying to pick out landmarks. More importantly, since airplane windows are so small, window seats are the only place I can avoid twinges of motion sickness. This explains my discomfort when both of my flight out to Philadelphia were in aisle seats, one of which was in a windowless row.

It also explains why I wasn't complaining when the setting sun shone directly in my face on the 7 PM return flight from Philly. And continued to shine, with about three or four hours of twilight. Flying west, with the earth's rotation, is fun.

When the in-flight movie ended (The Chronicles of Narnia), I looked out the window. To my surprise, there was a line of flickering thunderstorms to the northwest. The cell nearest us was burning like Rome--the plane had to turn to avoid it. No tornadic activity, by the look of it, but probably a Severe Thunderstorm Warning. I couldn't keep my eyes off the clouds as we passed.

Did you know that lightning shoots off the top of thunderstorms, too? As a meteorology buff, I'd heard of it before, but I'd never seen it. Until last night. Amazing.

I wish I'd had a camera.