New writing page

Dec 6, 2006 • Karen

On another creativity-related note, I've been uploading a bunch of my school papers and other writing onto Nosve. A lot of my stuff is on my external hard drive (which I don't have here), so it's still incomplete, but yeah.

I think I'm doing this to give myself a little comfort here in Paper Season that maybe, maybe, someone out there on the wide open Interweb might someday stumble on a paper I wrote and perhaps even find it interesting or useful. Better than for all this sleep deprivation to just result in a single copy read by a single person and covered in red ink... *sigh*

I can't decide which I hate more: slogging away at a paper on an inane or boring subject, or half-assing a paper on a topic I think is totally cool. On that note, back to work!