Asimov's Three Laws of Weigh-Ins

Mar 4, 2008 • Karen

Isaac Asimov’s robot stories were based around his famous Three Laws of Robotics, the first of which states that a robot may not injure a human being. [...]

[Designer Alice Wang] wonders, “Are there existing domestic objects that already break this law?”, and comes up with a surprising answer–bathroom scales:

Scales, although don’t perform physical harm, have been subtly damaging us psychologically. Should objects like these exist in a complex society like ours where people are more emotionally fragile?

She has therefore designed three scales that might reduce the emotional harm caused by the mean old scale.

One is the "white lies" scale. The second is a "half-truth" scale. And the third is a "open secrets" scale. Read the rest of the article here.

Weight Watchers totally needs to get a hold of these scales...