Make a video for the Sparky Awards!

Aug 16, 2007 • Karen

So, the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC), one of's allies, is putting on a video contest for the semester, the "Sparky Awards". The theme is "Mind Mashup":

The Internet gives new meaning to the notion that, by sharing ideas, we build a better understanding of the world around us. If you use YouTube or Wikipedia, exchange gaming tips on the Internet, or have a blog, you probably well understand the value of sharing information, ideas, and knowledge.

Sharing can also be a vital tool in helping to address complex problems that challenge society - like disease, hunger, global warming, and economic disparity. The sharing of ideas gives us ways to discover, collaborate, and create in unprecedented ways.

The SPARC Discovery Awards challenges you to illustrate in a short video presentation what you see as the value of sharing information. Use your imagination to suggest what good comes from bringing down barriers to the free exchange of information.

The videos must be no more than two minutes long, released under a Creative Commons license, and submitted by December 2. The rest of the rules can be found on the contest website. The top prize is $1000 and a sexy "Sparky" statuette. (You know those metal doohickeys with flints in the cap that you used to light bunsen burners in high school chemistry? That's what the trophy's design is based on. Heck yes.)

Most important, however: I'm one of the judges! Look, I'm right above Jimbo Wales on the judging panel page! Pretty sweet, eh?

So. Everyone should submit to this contest, especially since as a judge I can't. The contest already got a mention on the media studies-l, but I don't think Tracy knew that I was one of the judges since the panel hadn't been announced yet. Hopefully I/the department/Free Culture 5C can promote the contest further as the school year gets going. I'm hoping to see some awesome videos!

No, I will not accept bribes. I may accept cookies. :p