Short comment on the iPhone

Jan 13, 2007 • Karen

A long, long time ago, on a blog far, far away, I linked to this video of a beautiful multi-touch screen being developed at NYU. I noted that Apple was backing the research, and drooled fantasized wondered whether a Tablet of Gods was in the works.

Not quite.

I can really admire the iPhone, though, even if it's out of my price range for probably the next decade. It's not a revolution, despite how much people are saying it is. It just seems like it because of other companies' failings. (Someone tell me why it took this long for somebody to fix cell phone's atrocious UIs?) Well, now it's fixed. And gorgeous, and with tons of well-thought-out features. I'm annoyed at Jobs' hostility towards third-party development (iPhone games, anyone?), but hopefully that will either lessen with product adoption or become irrelevant as Apple's competitors catch up.

Now to continue waiting for my Tablet of Gods...