On the MacBook Air

Jan 16, 2008 • Karen

Yeah, it's pretty impressive they were able to get the tech that thin. But, much like hyper-skinny ladies, to me that entails fragility, not style. I think I'd accidentally snap the thing in half within a week. Then again, until recently I wasn't even aware that there was a class of ultra-thin PCs, so perhaps this product isn't meant for me. Maybe someone out there makes their career out of breaking laptops over people's heads--if so, this is the computer for them. But if I wanted a tiny, mobile, extremely awesome computer, I'd get an XO. Three weeks ago, I could buy four for the price of a MacBook Air.

Not enough ports. I know everyone's complaining about that. I don't think the lack of ports will stop everyone--for plenty of uses, that really is all you need. At my house, most workplaces, plenty of restaurants, and colleges that are more tech-savvy than Scripps, you'd have wifi everywhere. I do find it odd that they didn't include FireWire, given it's like Apple's thing. But in any case the one-USB-port deal definitely would not work for my setup. I've got a tablet, a semi-permanently-connected external hard drive, an extra mouse, an iChat camera, a Bluetooth dongle--the ports on my computer get a workout!

The MacBook Air has the iPhone multi-touch-ness. That's nice. It's not a killer feature, though--it's just a trackpad with improved UI. At this point, all Apple laptops should have it.

Basically, nice, but no cigar. I want my freaking Mac tablet already!

The other things announced at MacWorld sound good, though. The iPod touch functionality update is good (if overdue), Time Capsule looks useful, and the eight-core Mac Pros make me slobber all over myself (Up to 3.2 GHz processors? 320 GB hard drive? Ridiculous amounts of RAM? DOES WANT!).