I have a digital camera!

Aug 13, 2006 • Karen

Today I (well, my dad, but I'm paying him back as soon as my bank account gets unlocked) bought my first digital camera, for the purpose of recording my sojourns in Denmark in two weeks. I am severely excited. Here's the first picture I took with it. Jenny!

It's a 5.0 MP Panasonic with 256 MB of flash memory--should be enough, since I nearly always have Zachary around to offload photos. I chose it largely because it has good image stabilization and also because I was already familiar with the user interface, since Nelson's camera is of the same brand.

Operating on the principle that I take better care of things (or at least lose them less often) when they're anthropomorphized, I am taking suggestions for names for my shiny metallic baby. Ideas?

In other news, I have been doing an utterly ridiculous amount of shopping with Mom and my sister in the last two days. I suppose it's justified--I haven't bought any cold-weather clothing in several years, since I've spent the majority of my winters in California at school--but it still seems excessive. A scarlet poncho, a wine-colored short-sleeved sweater, a nice pleated black skirt, a brown tunic/sweater/thingamabob, a white tank top, and a pair of jeans that will hopefully NOT develop five holes in the crotchal region within three months *ahem*. Remaining on the list is a good raincoat and various non-clothing supplies, but I think I'm set sweaterwise.

Finally, that new Red Hot Chili Peppers song is relentlessly stuck in my head. Good, but argh!