ICCA 2007 videos

Apr 2, 2007 • Karen

Someone at the a capella concert I went to back in February had a video camera and likes to share. YouTube has pretty much the whole concert up, if you know what to search. Of course, it's not the same as seeing it live in the third row...but whee!!!

Here's the first song of the night, my introduction to how awesome a cappella could be. (It's a large group, and some of the choreography's hard to see from so far out; it's still awesome):

Tra-La-La/Do You Believe/Night at the Roxbury medley--for anyone with an Internet connection:

Don't Stop Me Now--for Nelson:

They did a song from The Goofy Movie. Whaaa? Also, their tenor soloist is insane:

Hm... The winning group, a bunch of Mormon ladies called "Noteworthy," used to have one of their songs up on YouTube, but I can't find it now. Or anything else from this year. Darn. They had some pretty sweet choreography.

"Fix You." Has a gorgeous build-up. Lady beatboxers in mixed groups are sexy as hell and far too rare:

"District Sleeps Alone Tonight." Last summer Nelson was talking about recording an acapella version of this song, but I don't think I can match this. The Postal Service has been covered to death by college a capella, but in this instance I don't care:

Yep, another Reverse Osmosis song...they would've won in a heartbeat if they weren't hosting:

Want more? You can find most of the songs from the concert up here.

...argh! one more!