In which: Karen turns into a slacker

Apr 8, 2007 • Karen

I'm thinking about only taking three classes next semester.

Hear me out.

First, it's really more like 3.5, since I want to get back into Concert Choir next year.

Second, I've got more than enough credits to do it.

Third, while the other three classes are ones I really want/need to take, there isn't anything really capturing the fourth spot for me (yet, at least).

Fourth, I've already got one job set up for next year, and I want to get as much web freelancing/other employment as I can get my grubby little hands on. (Both because I ran out of college money this year and because I want to furiously build my portfolio in the hopes that somebody will employ me someday.)

Fifth, there's a bunch of other extracurricular commitments I'm setting myself up for next year. I'm going to be a Media Studies liaison (woo hoo!) so I'll be organizing cool (*NOT* film/video-oriented, goddammit!) events for the media studies department. I'll be proposing and starting my spring Senior Project (a graphic novel! so excited!). Whether we or USC host the West Coast free culture conference, I'm sure I'll have stuff to do for that, not to mention all the other events FC5C will be doing (I have a list of them here! Oh, the joys of budget applications!). I want to bring Antenna Alliance to Claremont by starting a CC-themed radio show with Carolyn and creating an on-campus, Jam Society-esque music recording studio (with our music programs and such, how does this not already exist??). Inspired by the ICCA concert, I want to make another go at trying out for an acapella group. And so forth.

Also, with three (point five) classes, this is what my schedule would look like:
TR 8:10a - 9:25a Interdisciplinary Intro to Law
TR 10:30a - 12:30p Advanced Web Projects
TR 1:15p - 2:30p Senior Exercise
TR 4:15p - 5:30p Concert Choir
(R 8:00p - 9:30p Free Culture 5C Meeting)

Four-day weekends, w00t!!

Then again, I could take a fourth class and still avoid Monday and Friday. Several of the classes I'm pondering would do that. There's "The Making of Modern Iran and Afghanistan," which meets on Wednesday afternoons and sounds really interesting. Or there's Intro to Creative Writing, also on Wednesdays. It's been really long since I've done any (written) fiction, it could be good to get back into that. Especially if any of the writing projects Nelson and I have discussed are ever going to become more than vaportext. Or, I could always take "Directed Reading in Media Studies" (basically an independent study) and use it as an excuse to read all those tomes in the Free Culture canon that I haven't gotten to yet ("Copyrights and Copywrongs", "Freedom of Expression", "Shamans, Software, and Spleens", etc).

I dunno. Any thoughts?