The Current has online streaming!

May 7, 2006 • Karen

For the non-Minnesotans out there, The Current (89.3 FM) is our public indie/local/random station. Reminiscent of college radio (until a few years ago, it *was* the St. Olaf College radio station, though then it only played classical music), only more professional and better funded.

The last ten songs played:
Ken Nordine - Azure
Wilco - The Late Greats
The Subways - She Sun
We Are Scientists - The Scene Is Dead
The Hopefuls - Whisper
Rainer Maria - Burn
Of Montreal - Disconnect The Dots
Rogue Wave - Kicking The Heart Out
Built to Spill - Liar
GST - Dancing Days

It's basically a mix of indie rock/pop, underground hip-hop, a little punk, a little blues and folk, and a bit of just plain randomness. Perhaps what I like most about it is that it's almost all stuff that sounds like things I listen to...yet almost all the songs are ones I've never heard before! (In the list above, "The Scene Is Dead" is the only track I'd previously heard.) It's like the DJs Pandoraed my whole iTunes collection.

The Current was one of those things that I missed about the Minnesotan environment when I went away to school--along with thunderstorms, scarves, snow, Hopkins' Main Street, Uptown, and the general down-to-earth vibe. Supposedly they have had online streaming radio for a while, but it never worked when I tried it. Maybe their Windows Media stream worked, I dunno, but the mp3 one was broken. Much sadness.

But now it is no longer borked! So I can enjoy the best radio station in Minnesota out here in ClearChannelfornia...for a week until I go home and can listen to it the old fashioned way. Oh well.

Check it out for yourself.