My first lineless art!

Sep 30, 2006 • Karen

[Actually, that's not quite true... I made this robot earlier. But this one's much bigger, and took longer due to it not being composed of straight lines.]

I love lineless art. There's a reason I read Mac Hall and Holy Bibble. I've often thought about doing a lineless comic myself. Right now I'm planning on writing a graphic novel for my senior project, using a story that Nelson and I are developing right now. It would totally make my life if that project were lineless.

But now that I've tried it... How the hell do/did they manage to put out comic after comic? Lineless art takes for-flippin'-ever...even starting from a line sketch! Just this one drawing took several hours and seven layers. While I'm sure it gets faster the more that you do it, it seems like the amount of detail work that's necessarily involved (getting the edges nice and smooth, making the shapes look right, getting the shadows to line up right) is prohibitive. And it doesn't help that my tablet and/or GIMPshop runs slow.

Maybe I'll just use this style for splash work, cover art, and whatnot?