Good news/bad news

Aug 28, 2007 • Karen

Bad news:

My bike, which was virtually new (I got it in February when Dad and Grandma visited for Parents' Weekend), was stolen over the summer. It was locked and in the Fowler Garden bike shed (qualifying this event as a burglary instead of just a theft). There are definitely fewer bikes in the shed now than I remember (though there were some remaining--they didn't steal Nelson's bike, which was worth more than mine!) so if you were foolhardy enough to trust Scripps with your bike, you may soon have the privilege of giving Campsec yet another theft report.

Do note that Claremont's bike registration system is not computerized, and only searchable by number. So if you don't remember your number, then registering your bike was basically a huge waste of time.

Good news:

Tiny pomegranate!

Not edible, unfortunately. But cute!