2011 rundown / 2012 resolutions and plans

Dec 31, 2011 • Karen

Since others I know have been writing similar posts: a look back, and a look forward.

What I did in 2011:

  • Helped my parents pack up for the move from Minnesota to Portland, OR.
  • Finally figured out how to write a Django app from scratch.
  • Attended PyCon for the first time; presented a poster and met all sorts of cool people.
  • Got down to 171 lbs. Immediately gained most of it back, thanks to surgery + laziness + depression. Managed to re-lose about 7 lbs before the end of the year.
  • Had surgery to remove a benign (but weird) ovarian cyst. That was a drag.
  • Did the badassest 213 (UI design) project ever with Marco, Galen and Alex.
  • Wrote a 203 paper that got linked by lots of people. Led to a column in Full Circle Magazine and a talk at Wikimedia.
  • Vacationed in Sea Ranch / saw the northern California coast.
  • Got my first smartphone. So that's what this whole mobile nonsense is all about.
  • Had an internship at Code for America through Google Summer of Code. Became friends with all sorts of awesome staff, fellows, and interns there. Switched projects partway through. Met Karl Fogel and Carl Malamud.
  • "Learned" Ruby on Rails. Decided that it and my brain do not get along, and to stick to Python for now, no matter how much that means not being able to work on lots of cool apps :/
  • Did my first 24-hour hackathon.
  • Visited Boston and actually enjoyed it for the first time.
  • Started weight-lifting more seriously.
  • Felt my first earthquake. And my second and third.
  • Dyed my hair red with henna for Halloween. Didn't realize how permanent it was.
  • OpenHatch made the legal move towards becoming a non-profit, and I got a seat on its board of directors.
  • Houseguest had their stuff stolen, possibly by housemates or their friends. Found a new place to live.
  • Turned 25. Had a lovely birthday party. Can now rent cars without paying extra.

Things I will do in 2012:

  • Move to my new house in Elmwood.
  • Blog more -- let's say at least one (short) post every week. I'd get in on the #acetarium Iron Blogger thing, but I'm on the wrong coast to buy the other participants drinks when I don't make the deadline...
  • Give a talk at PyCon. Heckle people at TiP. Take at least one tutorial, preferably more. Participate in the sprints. Hopefully not make an ass of myself.
  • Try out Debian.
  • Actually learn bash and various other UNIX sysadminny stuff.
  • Work on and finish my final project, and present something impressive in the end.
  • Graduate from my master's program.
  • Find a job that I love and that involves at least some coding.
  • Read more (non-class-related) books.
  • Re-do my personal website and portfolio.
  • Be more social / make more, closer friends.
  • Go sightseeing/traveling in California -- Tahoe, Big Sur, wine country...
  • Get back into rock climbing, at least enough that I can do V2s again.
  • Keep weightlifting, and figure out all those scary barbell-using lifts. If I lose weight, great; if I just get more badass, awesome.
  • Be more deliberate/picky about the projects I tackle. Focus is valuable, and work, school, and volunteering already divide it a lot. I hate half-assing things, so I should be better prepared to say no.
  • At the same time, though, preserving time for my own vanity projects is also a goal.
  • Tackle more computationally-interesting programming problems, instead of just pure CRUD web apps.
  • Do more with JavaScript; learn more JS libraries and frameworks. I might not like JS, but it's not going away and at least it does cool things.
  • Use SASS or Less for at least one project.
  • Learn about lambdas, map/reduce, and the other parts of Python I never use. Be less of a n00b.
  • Stay as sane and happy as can be managed.