Quick notes and fireworks

Jul 13, 2006 • Karen

Dashboard is silly sometimes:

The real explanation for Zidane's headbutt:

Tomorrow I will be leaving for a weekend-long pyrotechnics convention on a farm in northern Virginia with Nelson's family. Hopefully I will have the same number of limbs at entrance and exit. Also hope I don't get too badly bugbit; so far the East Coast mosquitoes seem to have ignored me in favor of Nelson's tasty legmeat.

Anyway, Bob wrote this post regarding the Fourth of July, but I found it fitting for the eve of the convention. Crackerjacks is the last of a largely dying breed; it's apparently the only big fireworks convention left on the East Coast. Fireworks keep getting ever more regulated, under the shibboleth of national security, and the country's running out of legal places to shoot. It both fails to stop drunken idiots from shooting their eyes out and squelches legitimate pyrotechnics hobbyists. Lovely.

But a few people still carry on. I'm very excited for this weekend.

I have no idea how many people were setting off private backyard fireworks last night, but from the air it looked like hundreds. I couldn't even begin to count. Bright white and multicolored streaks of light were shooting off everywhere. ...

Best. Fireworks show. Ever.

Dawned on me that lots of fireworks in California are perfectly legal — but lots of them aren't, too. And I'm pretty sure about half of the stuff I saw booming and hissing and zooming around was in the latter category. Which is fine by me. Do a finger-count before and after, and if the numbers add up, I don't see the harm.

But there's also something wonderful about seeing hundreds of people, many of them presumably flag-waving Stars-'N'-Stripes types, celebrating our national heritage... by demonstrating widespread contempt for law.