Oh, the joys of doing storage with near-strangers

Jan 14, 2007 • Karen

When I left for Claremont, I had little clue how exactly I was going to get my stuff out of the storage facility and into my room several miles away. I'd emailed my storage-mates to ask how they were going about it and to offer to carpool, but no one even replied. Poo on them.

Eventually that part worked out, as Mike (Firewizard) generously offered his car and Kathleen and Andrew helped me haul stuff. However, it has been something like seven months since I originally put my stuff into storage. I don't remember whose stuff is whose. I didn't label all of my boxes and bags, and no one else labeled at all. Thus, I accidentally grabbed some other people's stuff--hangers, a laundry bin, and a bag with what appears to be a blanket and pillow inside.

By the same token, I have now finally opened all of my boxes and I am missing some very key items. My power strips. My coat. My towels. Most importantly, my bedding. All I've got is a pillow and an afghan and my room is friggin' freezing. Maybe that's why I'm staying up blogging instead of going to sleep...


I haven't seen ANY of my suitemates since I got here this morning. I'm sure part of that is because I was hanging out with Andrew, Kathleen, and other Mudders this evening, but it still sucks--I don't know, say, whether I can put my toiletries in the bathroom, or if we have to keep them in our rooms. I'd be really happy if it were the latter, because there's really not enough shelf space at comfortable heights in this room. Or any of the other suite policies that might apply. Or--hell--what the people I'm living with even *look* like--I don't know either of the girls on my side of the suite.

I'm cold, tired, and not home yet.