Let me repeat: I hate LA.

Apr 9, 2008 • Karen

So there was an ad in the Career Courier today for a seminar directed at students on careers in advertising, design, and new media. I thought, hm, might be interesting. Maybe I should go.

It's in Torrance (the Del Amo Fashion Center) on a Saturday at 8:30 AM. Turns out, there is physically no way for me to get there. The LA bus I would need to catch leaves at 7:10; the first Metrolink doesn't arrive in LA until after 8.

What is the point of having public transit when it is completely ****ing useless? Seriously--I can't think of a time when an LA-area bus or train *ever* went where I wanted when I needed it. The pathetic state of public transit here screwed me over when I tried to interview for an internship with American Public Media. It made me walk for two miles without a sidewalk to fetch a U-Haul. It makes it impossible to do anything outside of walking distance on the weekends, midday, or at night.

Get me out of this godforsaken, car-addicted hellhole.