Stephen Colbert strikes again... by accident

May 25, 2006 • Karen

I just can't believe it. I keep waiting for somebody to tell me that this is a hoax. Or at least hackery. But such explanations remain unforthcoming. Therefore...

Apparently, the folks defending Tom DeLay have zero understanding of satire (or sincerely believe their followers don't). Why else would they applaud Colbert for "crack[ing] the story on real motivations behind the movie [The Big Buy, a Greenwald documentary on DeLay's misdeeds]" in an email newsletter asking supporters to contribute to the legal fund? What's more, they posted the Colbert Report interview of Greenwald at the top of the Defend DeLay website!

The irony is so overwhelming I can't think of a possible way to parody this. So I'll just say F#$* THE WHAT?

Can humans really be that dense? If so, I vote for a Colbert '08 presidential run--on the Republican ticket!