FYI: It's hot outside.

Aug 2, 2006 • Karen


100°F + 71° dewpoint + no A/C + three days = melty Karen.

Well, War News Radio has A/C...hence why I've been spending as much time as possible in here. Nelson and I have also been eating out more often to avoid the sauna that is our kitchen. But yeah. The house is redonkulous. I had to get up every few hours last night to dump water on myself so I could sleep. Opening the windows on Nelson's rusty, porpoise-afflicted truck on the highway does almost nothing--the air's too hot for the breeze to do any good.

Also the chocolate chips left over from baking almost-vegan cookies last week melted into a bag-shaped blob. I was very sad.

*smacks weather upside the head* I want global COOLING, dammit!