Karen votes by absentee...maybe

Oct 11, 2006 • Karen

Today I received my absentee ballot for the first election I can actually vote in. I was very excited...until I read the directions.

"Step 1. Locate one of the following individuals to serve as your witness:

  • Anyone who is registered to vote in Minnesota;

  • A notary public;
  • Any person having authority to administer oaths."

Oh dear. They really don't make this easy, do they? At least for people who are abroad...

There is another girl from Minnesota in my news media class. I'm hoping that she is registered to vote in Minnesota, not New York, so that she can witness for me. Otherwise...I don't know any Danish lawyers or judges or whatever. And I have to get this in the mail before I leave for Amsterdam on Sunday, since Minnesota apparently does absentee ballots by date received instead of postmark. So, depending on how things go Friday, I may not be able to vote anyway.

Never mind that I'm still trying to work out how I should split my ballot between the Democrats and the Independents. The Democrats actually have some candidates I admire in Minnesota this year, and they have an actual chance of winning, but I prefer third party politics and my views tend to coincide more with the Independents. Right now I'm thinking that I'll give Hatch my vote, since I loathe Gov. Pawlenty and Hatch is behind in the polls right now, and vote Fitzgerald for the Senate. But we'll see.

[Edit: Oh right! My dad is visiting. He is a registered Minnesota voter. He'll be back home before election day. Problem solved. Yay!]