Karen's Adventures in ARGH

Aug 10, 2006 • Karen

Short, FYI version:

My cell phone is borked, so if you call me I may or may not be able to answer (haven't tried yet), but I definitely can't make calls out.

Long, ranty version:

After picking out new glasses frames, my mom, sister, and I went out to lunch at Camille's--which has tasty food and the best color scheme I've ever seen in a restaurant. Five minutes after we left, I realized I didn't have my purse. I knew I'd had it at the restaurant (I'd checked for my health insurance card while we were there), so we went back to look for it. The ladies now sitting at our booth hadn't seen it; neither had the workers there. I left my number with the manager, in shock that it had disappeared so quickly.

Contents of my purse:
Wallet (with debit card, driver's license, health insurance card, and around $60 in cash)
Two paychecks I had been going to deposit today (since there are no Wells Fargos on the East Coast) -- total value $1700
Cell phone
Sunglasses (prescription)

As you can probably imagine, I was a very unhappy camper. Indeed, I was a very foul-mouthed camper who wanted to go take a baseball bat to something or someone. I called Wells Fargo and put a hold on my bank account. Mom called my dad and had him suspend my cell phone number. Then I had to go to a doctor's appointment for a physical.

My mom was late picking me up from the doctor's, but she had good reason. She had gone back to Camille's a second time--by which time the workers there had found my purse! She didn't even ask where. Much relief ensued.

I still have to wait for my new bank account to get set up and new checks and cards and whatnot to be issued "in 7-10 days". And I still can't use my cell phone--though hopefully that can be easily reversed. But that is MUCH preferable to the alternative.