Oct 15, 2007 • Karen

Right now, I am listening to Justin Timberlake and reading about the politics of fatness. Somehow, it seems like there ought to be a contradiction there, but I don't know where exactly.

Well, that's not true. Right now I am blogging. So let's blog all the stuff I hadn't gotten around to.

Had choir rehearsal with the orchestra tonight. My hand is still sore; it practically froze, arthritic, from holding my folder up for so long. Beethoven rambles on in Fantasie for like 20 minutes before the choir finally comes in, and we have to be attentive for that whole time. God forbid that the orchestra make a mistake and have to restart... Meanwhile Professor Lamkin directs Te Deum like 30% faster than Professor Kamm did and I still don't really know the middle section... whee! It's beautiful stuff, when we don't lose track of where the hell we are in it...

Dear Haydn,

Yes, I get the joke. You wrote the "non confundar" section to be all chaotic, so that we're literally praying "Dear God, let me not become confused" when we sing it. I get it. It's getting old.

Love, Karen

Wow. It's choir for five days straight this week. Yesterday was the Music of the Americas dress rehearsal and concert with Chamber Choir. Came out pretty good, I thought--the concert was a bit too long, but there were a lot of awesome pieces. It was probably the most irreverent vocal concert I've been in--there were mariachis and dancers, a prof performed part of La Bonne Cuisine while wearing a chef hat, and the final Chamber Choir act, "The Circus Band," featured juggling, clown noses, random percussion, a four-hand piano part, and the director playing cymbals. Besides "The Circus Band," we also sang "How Can I Keep From Singing," "O Nata Lux," and "The Coolin," all a capella.

My computer also now has a non-functional CD drive (there's a blank CD stuck in it; once in a blue moon the computer notices that it's there and tries to eject it, to no avail) and the light on the power cable flickers on a semi-regular basis (though the computer doesn't register the electricity being interrupted, so maybe it's just the cable?). Le sigh.

I never got around to blogging it, but Lisa, Holly, and I made a piece of tape art for our media studies senior seminar project. Here's a picture:

Project description: We explored problems of art and public space by creating a piece of public art at the Lang Art Building and inviting members of the Scripps community to participate in it. Translation: since we can't mural Lang for stupid reasons, we semi-protested by attaching a flyer to a wall in a very artistic fashion, then leaving the tape out there for others to do the same. (There's like four or five additions on the wall now; I'll have to take more pictures.) We also made a video of the process, the final edited version of which I *still* haven't seen. But we got our grade back for it today, and it was good, so hey...

I will be visiting Nelson in DC for fall break--only four short days left! The break couldn't come sooner; school has been such a stress-fest the last few weeks, I could kill for a back rub.

With the Store, SAS webmastery, national and local free culture commitments, Chamber Choir, media studies liaisoning, Voice stuff, Hall Council, trying to not be a lard ass, keeping track of student loans, thesis, arguing with the Scripps administration, long-distance relationship maintenance, planning for post-grad crap, AND classwork... all together it's really too much, but I really don't know what I can cut back on. I'm already only taking 3.5 classes. If anything, I want to do *more* next semester: audit Tools and take Radical Political Theory and do a PE class and join an acapella group and go on outdoorsy trips and ARGH.

My frosh self was so ashamed that I wasn't doing anything with my college career--that, compared with my high school resume, I was a complete slacker. (This has a lot to do with why I sucked it up and started the damn free culture chapter.) Well, frosh self, are you happy yet??

Time for some more fat politics.