My computer is on crack.

Dec 9, 2006 • Karen

I was working in bed when I put Zachary to sleep and went to the bathroom. When I came back, the blinky glowy light that indicates the computer's asleep wasn't on. I opened it up and the screen was dark. Okay, compy randomly shut down for some reason...

And then it wouldn't start up. I kept pressing the button. Nothing.


I plugged the computer back in (it had been around 75% battery power when I'd left--that shouldn't have been a problem) and pressed the startup button. Nothing.. for the first several tries. Eventually, the empty CD drive made a loud CRACK noise and the fan whooshed. My computer started up. Thank God, because I have another paper to write for tomorrow. But still. This is not cool, Zachary.

Things to get fixed when I come home:

  • Undead CD drive (the computer knows it's there, but it doesn't respond if I try to put CDs in it)

  • iTunes freezing and the CD drive making unhappy noises whenever I play music on shuffle mode too long (no longer happens because I can't put in my CD anymore!)
  • Left shift key that doesn't register half the time
  • Screen that flickers randomly
  • Intermittent bizarre behavior of the brightness setting interface (it's supposed to iterate by ones, but sometimes it goes by twos instead)

I think that's all...