Mar 6, 2007 • Karen

My ethernet cord does not reach my bed without major wrangling. Scripps' wireless coverage is woefully inadequate. Nelson can't use Scripps' Internet.

Problem: solved!

About a month ago, Fon was celebrating its first birthday by giving out free Foneras (wireless routers) to anyone who asked. I thought, hey, free wifi!, ordered one, and promptly forgot about it. Well, it just arrived today, and little Fonzie is operational and oh-so-cute!

It's not clear yet whether or not Nelson will be able to use Fonzie's signal yet. (Rebroadcasting using my AirPort works, but directly connecting doesn't because Scripps requires students to register their MAC addresses with the school.) If not, some hackery and MAC spoofing should solve the problem.

The principle of Fon is that, by sharing your wireless with other Fon members, you can use other members' wireless anywhere in the world. Non-members can also access the network, at a price that is much lower than typical wifi charges. You can choose to take half of the money your Fonera brings in, or not. Cool.

I imagine Fon would be more useful if I travelled a lot. But all the same, hey, free wifi!

The birthday deal is over now. But, as a member, I get three invitations with which I can get other people free Foneras. So if you want one, just ask!