PyCon 2013 talks I would like

Aug 23, 2012 • Karen

To further the meme:

  • Python and JavaScript: Best Buddies Forever (best practices for building AJAXy web apps on a Python base, why end-to-end JS is--I hope!--not the answer)
  • Raspberry Pi -- cool things people are doing with it, ideas for teaching with it, etc.
  • You've been tossed into the deep end: now what? (strategies for quickly getting up to speed on a new language, framework, whatever for a new job or what have you)
  • Stop using print statements--proper logging isn't that painful, really
  • Automated teaching tools for Python and other languages (trypython/tryruby/codeacademy/codingbat/jsforcats/OpenHatch missions/test-driven tutorials/etc -- technical and pedagogical strategies for writing interactive, plot-driven bots that teach people)
  • Let's Build Your First IRC Bot Using Python!, or another hands-on tutorial for event-driven programming (what I wish last year's Twisted tutorial had been)
  • Rolling your own Python web framework: why and why not

And two from pydanny:

  • Python 3 from scratch
  • Python in Space!