Karen Rustad Tolva

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Some of these designs have been used for t-shirts and other swag.

Two cats: one, labeled 'Pusheen', adding an item on top of a stack; the other, labeled 'Popeen', angrily swatting the top item off the stack. The trolley from Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood multi-track drifting, with 'Mr. Ragers' Neighborhood' written in metal script below
Reindeer on an ice floe carrying the sun in its antlers
Koi fish the color of passionfruit (lilikoi), with passionflowers for spots and with passionflower leaves for fins Three bears, as if frames of a film of a bear running to the right, captioned 'exit rage left', with 1970s-ish brown tones and font
Dinosaur with a grey beard and glasses sitting at a computer with an old CRT monitor glowing green, caption: 'code dinosaur' Ferris the rustacean holding a long trans flag banner
Madeline and Badeline from the game Celeste jumping on a dream block like it's a trampoline. Badeline has jumped down hard, bouncing Madeline up into the air unexpectedly Two folders, with a dotted line carrying a file from one to the other
A cat whose bottom half is made of the Greek letter mu, saying 'mew' A green hamster riding an ant like a horse, holding up a sword in one paw
Docker-esque whale being lifted by birds ala the old Twitter failwhale graphic, but with boxes sliding off the top of the whale and falling into the ocean below Shark resembling Blahaj, the IKEA blue shark
Realistic drawing of a beta fish 'Metropolitan Rage Warehouse / Ire Proof' with bricks, resembling the Metropolitan Storage Warehouse building at MIT that reads this way at a certain angle
Rage of Aquarius: a hot pink greek urn with a crack and a torrent of water spilling out, with 1960s-ish daisies Line drawing of a fuchsia flower, close-up
Ursa major constellation with a bear outline around it Mysteryquinox event patch with Lake Tahoe in the center, icons for the sun at the top and moon at the bottom, lines like a clock coming out of the center, the top half yellow, the bottom half midnight blue
Marker drawing of a tide of nasturtium flowers and leaves growing over each other