Karen Rustad Tolva


You've found my home page.

My name's Karen Rustad Tolva. Originally from Minnesota, I lived in DC, Atlanta, and Philadelphia for a couple years before moving to the Bay Area for grad school in 2010. Nowadays I live in Mountain View with my 7-year-old kid.

At my day job, I make user interfaces that work and look nice. Outside of work I make art and music sometimes. Other hobbies include meteorology, puzzles, e-biking, fantasizing about homebuilding and urban planning, and reading science fiction.

Past vocations have included being a free culture / FOSS / open access activist, an almost-lawyer with interests in national security, civil liberties, and tech policy, a full-stack web developer with extensive involvement in the Python community, a youth soccer referee, a resort cleaning lady, a startup incubator alum, a high school debate forum moderator, and probably a few that I'm forgetting.

What will I do next?