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Cute orange crab with big eyes

In 2014 I created Ferris as the unofficial mascot for the Rust programming language.

My friends in the Rust community called themselves "Rustaceans", so I figured drawing a crab (crustacean) for them would be appropriate. The spikes on the top are from the sprocket in the official Rust logo.

The Rust Programming Language book cover. Ferris is standing on a rock gesturing while other sea creatures look on.

In 2015, Steve Klabnik asked me to draw the cover art for The Rust Programming Language, in the black-and-white style of No Starch Press.

Ferris holding a rainbow flag banner Two ferris crabs holding hands (well, claws) with a heart overhead The 'ha ha... yes!!' sickos meme, but with Ferris looking in the window Corro the Unsafe Rusturchin, a sea urchin with sharper spikes than Ferris, to symbolize 'unsafe mode' Rust code Ferris frowning with crossed arms Ferris holding a long trans flag banner

I also maintain rustacean.net as a repository for Ferris source art as well as many fan/derivative works (mine and others') over the years.